Earlier Work > The Glass Closet

The Glass Closet is an invisible yet real boundary that all Queer people experience on varying levels. My closet is a boundary between the world hetero-hegemony, and my own self-empowering mythologies. I perform on a platform that has two clothing racks on either entrance. They are filled with garments I wear everyday: work uniforms, costumes and props from previous performances, masks, heels, pointe shoes, etc. The performance is a ritual of passing in and out of the closet, allowing the platform to function as a stage to perform movements and gestures exploring notions and politics of my queerness. The garments, objects, and closet ephemera are gathered each time I pass through one rack onto the stage, and hung back on the opposite rack as I walk off the platform. Moving from to ballerina, to yoga-girl, to naked body, to super butch, to super femme, shifting from persona to persona until I have arrived at Glitterwitch, the personification of my queerness at its core. The performance ends when I off the platform and out of the gallery into the "real world." This performance was presented first at Gallery CA, for Lab Bodies Borders/Boundaries/Barricades performance art review.