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Andrea Pensado and Alexander D'Agostino at the Mascher Co op Feb 1, 2014

Saturday 2-1-14 a group of musicians met a group of dancers and presented 6 pieces of improvised dance and music at Mascher Space Coop in the H-O-T performance series.
Musicians: Jacob Brunner keyboard and amplified percussion (PA)
Andrea Pensado laptop(Max MSP and voice) (MA) Blaise Siwula, alto sax (NY) Flandrew Fleisenberg drums/percussion (PA)
Dancers/Movers: Alexander D'agostino (MD) Christina Gesualdi (PA)
Katherine Kiefer Stark (PA) Loren Groenendaal (PA)
and Grace Stern
This is the 2nd of four videos featuring Andrea Pensado on laptop/voice and Alexander D'agostino dance. This is opens with the preceeding duet of Blaise Siwula and Christina Gesualdi in an exit.
video footage from Blaise Siwula, edited by D'Agostino

Dance Witch