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The Witch begins bound in a pile of sticks. The phrase begins slow waving. There is a leaning in and out of exhaustion, as the heavy slow pulls of the cello begin to awaken the scene. The choregraphy conists of a series of actions and movements called bones. The bones are placed together and unsderstoond to build a body of a spell. When people walk into the space, it is clear that there are very little rules to follow as far as where bodes exist in space. The audience/participants don't become chaotic, but there is a certain kind of unravelling. In moments, people put on the masks that fall off the dancers. Suddenly they transform into mythic beings leaving their lascaux-like trail of shadows along the chroamtically lit walls of the gallery.

The spell is performed 4 times consecutively for 2 hours.

Performed at UNEXPECTED ART.
Baltimore, MD.

1. Witch's Cyclone: Excerpt.